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Asheville has made all those lists. No wonder you are thinking of moving here. Or are moving or already have. Some eight million Americans move every year. Now, you’re one of them. You’ve come to the right place.

In these pages you’ll learn the explanations behind the quirks, the traditions and the secrets that make Asheville uniquely Asheville. So You’re Moving to Asheville!...A Handbook to Being an Ashevillian will help you join the club in no time.

Why do Ashevillians love balds? Solved. The origin of Land of The Sky? A mystery no more. Samuel Ashe? Identified. The identity of the Pink Lady? Can’t help you with that.
Celebrating in Asheville...Cheering in Asheville...Dogwalking in Asheville...Drinking in Asheville...Driving in Asheville...Eating in Asheville...Listening in Asheville. This book will have you speaking like a native in no time.

Because the next best thing to being a real Ashevillian is being able to pass as one.